I know what you’re thinking. You’re scratching your head, thinking, “But isn’t passion an essential part of a successful start-up? Don’t I need to choose something I love so that I don’t run the risk of burning out?” Well, yes and no.

Yes, passion is absolutely essential to any good start-up. If you aren’t passionate about your business, and if money is the only thing driving you, you’re going to burn out long before your business ever gets out of the red and into the black.

On the other hand, you do not have to choose a product or service that you, yourself, are passionate about. As long as you are in love with your business and you’re committed to the people you work with, then you can be incredibly successful selling products that you really aren’t that excited about.

Not convinced? Here are a couple of compelling reasons that you might want to get into business producing and selling something that you aren’t in love with.


There are all kinds of products in the world that everyone needs but no one is “passionate” about. Consider things like toilet paper, coffee filters, shaving accessories, food containers, vacuum cleaners, and more. These aren’t “exciting” products, but you can get people excited about a company that offers excellent customer service and a unique approach to selling one of these products.

For example, look at how successful Dollar Shave Club has been over the past few years. They started out selling nothing more than razors and shaving cream. Since then, they’ve branched out to cleansers, aftershave lotion, and some other related products, but even these aren’t really passion-inducing items. They’re just normal, everyday toiletries that people need when they shave regularly.

The thing that sets Dollar Shave Club apart is their approach. They offer a high-quality, inexpensive solution delivered directly to customers’ doors every month, and their customer service is impeccable. So, if you have a flair for creating an amazing customer experience, you might want to look into a more mundane product with a large customer base.


Speaking of solutions, do you love finding solutions for people’s problems? Whether you’re creating a new product or finding a new way to deliver an old product to customers, you don’t need that product to be overly exciting or innovative to make a great living and start an incredibly effective business.

Think of a problem that a lot of people have. Then think of the most common solution for it. Can you think of a better solution or one that’s more convenient? Can you think of a twist on the most commonly used products for this problem?

Common problems don’t usually have exciting or passion-inspiring solutions, but they do have profitable ones. You don’t have to be in love with vacuuming to create a vacuum cleaner that does the job better, won’t need vacuum bags, and only needs to be emptied half as often as a traditional vacuum cleaner.

So, if you’re having trouble thinking of a product that you’re really passionate about for your next business venture, you might want to branch out and consider some products that you aren’t necessarily in love with. As long as you’re in love with helping customers and finding really great solutions to their problems, you’ll continue to be passionate about your work and your business, and you’ll be far more likely to be successful. Who knows? You could make your first million with something as mundane as bathroom toiletries.

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