Creativity and ideas are funny things. Sometimes it feels like your brain is a never-ending spring of cool new business ideas, and sometimes you can’t think of anything to save your life. And when it comes to solutions for your business’ problems, ideas can seem supremely fickle. You can bang your head against a concept for hours or days, and you can brainstorm for as long as you like, but nothing comes to you.

Then, one morning, while you’re taking a shower, not thinking about work at all, it comes to you. You have that “Eureka!” moment, and you feel like a major weight just fell right off your shoulders. Why is that? Why do we seem to have our best ideas when we’re in the shower, and how can we capitalize on that?


Consider this—when are you most creative? It’s not when you’re feeling stressed and pressured. In fact, stress and pressure can make your creative juices dry up faster than almost anything in the world. When you feel relaxed and free to let your mind wander, you’re more likely to come up with all kinds of creative ideas and solutions to all sorts of problems.

When you’re in the shower, you’re standing in a warm, safe environment where hot water pours over you and you’re surrounded by cleansing steam. What could be more relaxing? That physical space, where you don’t feel like you need to be thinking about anything else and where tension melts away from your shoulders and spine, is the perfect environment to let your mind do what it does best—create solutions.


Another thing about the shower is that it’s a solitary place. You’re alone, entirely away from people looking at you and judging you. Even if you were sitting in a coffee shop, relaxing on a couch, you would still be surrounded by and aware of others. In the shower, you’re in a space that’s free of judgment and observation. In other words, your brain allows itself to make mistakes and take risks here more than it does in meetings or anywhere else where you’re around other people.

Entrepreneurs tend to get their best ideas in the shower, here are 3 reasons why this environment tends to get the gears churning.


Finally, when you’re taking a shower, you’re not expected to be thinking about any one thing. You’re not obligated to engage with anyone or focus your mind on anything except washing up and getting ready for the day. As a result, your mind will tend to wander, and you’ll be able to daydream. Numerous studies have shown how helpful daydreaming is to the creative process and how it can be used to help focus your mind toward your goals.

If you can identify the things that make the shower the perfect place for ideas, you can use those things to create a similar situation and promote more creativity at other times of the day, as well.

Think about how you can relax, get away from it all, and let your mind wander for a few minutes when you’re at work and you might have the solution you’ve been looking for to help unclog your creative juices and get back to coming up with idea after idea for products, services, solutions, and more.

Where do you have your best ideas? Think about that environment and what’s special about it, whether or not it’s the shower. Then think about how you can create a similar environment at work, in your home, or anywhere else in your daily life. You’ll be coming up with more and better ideas before you know it!

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