If you’ve never attempted a crowdfunding campaign, you might be under the (mistaken) impression that these things basically run themselves and that they’re almost guaranteed to succeed. The fact is, though, the vast majority of crowdfunding campaigns fall flat on their faces and never come near their goals for funding.

Looking at the statistics, it’s easy to see why a lot of people have given up on the idea of crowdfunded entrepreneurial projects, but there’s no reason to despair. Most failed campaigns have one thing in common – lack of effective pre-launch marketing. The fact is, most crowdfunding campaigns get the majority of their funding within the first week after they launch. After that, they may continue to get some funding, but whether or not they’ll succeed can be told fairly accurately in how they do within the first seven days.

There’s really only one way to ensure that the first week of your campaign is successful—pre-launch marketing. You have to get people excited about your product or service. You have to convince them that they want to donate to your campaign. And you have to do it all before your campaign starts. So how can you do all that? Try following a few simple but surprisingly effective tips.


First, if you want everyone to know about your campaign, you have to have a very strong online presence. Create a website with an informative blog for your project. Then create social media presences on all of the social platforms that your audience uses. Post regularly on your social accounts. Ask friends and family to share your content. Engage with people in your audience. Use relevant hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The more active you are online, and especially on social media, the more attention you’ll get for your campaign.


Don’t just tell people about your project and your upcoming campaign, though. You can start building excitement and create a sense of immediacy and urgency with a countdown to launch. You could create an actual countdown clock on your site, but this isn’t necessary. Instead, every week (and then every day, as you get closer to launch), publish a cool post with a fun graphic that shows how long until you launch your campaign.

After your campaign launches, you can use the same kind of tactic to count down until the campaign is over so that you can draw in late contributors, as well.


Written content is important for your pre-launch marketing materials, as it’ll help with your SEO, but it’s not the only content you’ll want. A product video is an essential part of any campaign, and you can start showing this as soon as you’ve created it, long before you actually launch the campaign. As you get closer to your launch date, you should add more videos with more compelling content that will make people want to see your product come to life.

Remember, the key to crowdfunding campaigns is to get your audience excited. Show them how your product or service will improve their lives and why they should fund it. Give them a reason to invest (e.g., product pre-orders, swag, etc.). Focus on building suspense and excitement, and create a following for your campaign using these tips. If you do these things, you’ll be much more likely to run a successful campaign and get the funding you need to achieve your dreams and make your product or service a reality.

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