A quality company culture is one of the most important things that you can nurture and build for your business. It’s the best way to retain great employees, and it’ll help you build a reputation as a quality company that people want to do business with. Unfortunately, creating that culture can be pretty tricky, and it can be easy to let your concern about your employees’ experience and satisfaction fall by the wayside as you try to build the business. However, if you make your company culture a priority from the start, you can create a business that people want to work for and with, and you can have a lot of fun doing it, too.


Showing gratitude is one of the best ways to build employee loyalty and to foster a strong community within your business. Employee recognition programs will motivate your people to do the best work possible, to think outside the box, and to help you to build your business.

Prioritize recognition and gratitude, and you’ll find yourself spending a lot less on employee recruiting campaigns. Why? Because your current employees will be more satisfied with their jobs and will talk to their friends, family members, and colleagues about how great it is to work for a company that actually recognizes when they do great work.


A lot of business owners make the same mistake in their companies’ first few months or years. They know that they can’t offer the same large salaries, bonuses, and benefits packages that larger, more established businesses are giving out to new employees, so they assume that they can’t attract the best talent in the field. As a result, when it’s time to hire new people, they settle.

Unfortunately, if you settle now, you’re going to be settling for as long as you own your business. You may not be able to offer the same salaries or benefits that larger businesses can right now, but you can offer an opportunity to be a part of something new and wonderful. You can sell your company culture and the freedom to work in and grow with a creative and inspiring new business. This will attract a surprising number of amazingly talented people, but you’ll never know who you could’ve hired if you settle for the first person who sort of fits the bill.


According to Caroline Ghosn, CEO and cofounder of Levo League, “Inside of a startup, each and every person needs to think like an owner and an entrepreneur.” Ghosn recommends that small business owners encourage their employees to ask for forgiveness instead of permission and to take risks to build the team and the business. Thus, everyone who works for you has agency and freedom to be a part of creating something larger than themselves. This is the kind of business that the most talented and skilled people in your industry will want to work for and partner with.

While everyone wants to take home a good paycheck at the end of the day, more and more workers across industries are choosing jobs based on company culture and employee satisfaction rather than larger paychecks that come with long working hours and little recognition. By following these tips, you can build the kind of company culture that will attract the very best of the best, right from the very beginning. Your employees will be happy, your reputation will grow, and your business will thrive.

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