Are you sure that you have the right personality and approach to life to be an entrepreneur, but you just can’t seem to think of a good idea for a business? Well, believe it or not, you’re not alone. Lots of entrepreneurs have the same problem. They’re great at thinking outside the box, and they know that they could start and run a business successfully, but when they sit down to come up with a great business idea—nothing. If that sounds familiar, I have a few great tips to help you out and get you started.


In your daily life, what bothers you? What annoys or appalls you and really gets under your skin every time you see, hear, or otherwise experience it? Think about problems or hardships that you encounter on a regular basis. Now, think about those problems or hardships as challenges to overcome.

Can you think of a product or service that would reduce or eliminate the occurrence of these issues? If so, you probably have a pretty great business idea. Start doing some market research to find out who else is addressing the problem and whether or not there’s a market for your solution.


Take some time to think about the technologies, apps, and other products and services that you use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Then think about the next logical step for one or more of those things. For example, a few years ago, Amazon launched Amazon Prime, which guaranteed free two-day delivery to members who paid an annual fee. What was the next step after that? Recently, Amazon launched Prime Now, which offers same-day delivery in many cities. Likewise, Uber started out as only a ride-sharing app, but now you can order food, as well as rides.

Think about what comes next in your industry or for a service or product that you really like. Think about how you can take that next step to start a successful business.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Ben Baldwin, co-founder and CEO of ClearFit, a service that helps employers find talent and predict the best fit for the job, came up with the idea for his company while on an 80-mile drive. Sometimes, when you’re doing something physically monotonous like driving, your subconscious takes over and can take you in some very interesting and potentially profitable directions.


Still having trouble? Invite some entrepreneurially minded friends over for a potluck and a brainstorming session. Brainstorming is an excellent way to get all of your dead-end ideas out of your head so that you can get at the good stuff. Add some creative and innovative friends to the mix, and the group of you could come up with some incredible ideas that none of you would have thought of on your own. Then you can start moving forward together with a partnership that could make you all rich.

In all honesty, there are billions of ideas out there. Some are better than others, but even some of the most mediocre ideas have given birth to really successful businesses. The idea is just the start. The drive to make that idea a reality is what makes you a true entrepreneur. So don’t worry if business ideas don’t come to you easily. Try out one or more of these tips, take some time, and when a good idea does come, pursue it and make your dreams of starting your own business come true.


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