If you’re an artist, or you just have a crafty streak and you love making jewelry, clothing, knickknacks, and/or other items, Etsy is the perfect place to sell them and make some extra cash or start a full-time small business. In fact, there’s even a name for entrepreneurs who use Etsy to sell to a broader target market online. They’re Etsy-preneurs, and through Etsy’s site and mobile app, they’re able to make a significant amount of money with their businesses on Etsy.

Of course, being a successful Etsy-preneur is going to take a little bit more than just posting your listings and waiting for people to buy them. If you want to be really successful, follow a few easy tips, and you’ll be on your way.


No matter how original your products are, with so many people selling things on Etsy, you’re going to find others who sell similar products and who fall into your niche. Take some time to peruse their Etsy pages and listings to see what they’re doing right, what’s not working for them, and how you can make changes to develop a more effective shop. This will also give you a good idea of how to price your items so that they sell more quickly.


Don’t just snap a few shots of each piece with your phone. If you don’t have a high-quality camera, there’s nothing wrong with using the one on your phone, but pay attention to lighting and presentation. Make sure your pictures are in focus and that you get several angles to give a really good idea of what your buyers will be getting.


You put time and effort into making these items, so don’t phone-in your descriptions. Go into detail about the materials you used. Talk about the creative process. Let customers see your heart, soul, and personality in your product descriptions.


Be upfront about your shipping and return policies. Reply to questions and comments quickly and professionally. Let customers know when they can reasonably expect to receive products from you. Then, after the sale, make sure that you follow up with them to ensure that they’re happy with their purchase and that they don’t need anything else from you.


Finally, good feedback on your products and service will help you a great deal with future sales, but you can’t just get that kind of feedback by asking for it (though you should definitely ask for it). In addition to asking satisfied customers to leave positive feedback, you should also put some effort into being a part of the Etsy community.

Reach out to other sellers. See where you can collaborate to create deals and products that customers will love. Leave positive and constructive feedback, and listen to the feedback you get from others. The more you make yourself a part of the Etsy community, the more success you’ll have.

Along with these tips, remember that you can never do too much marketing. Do some keyword research for your niche and make sure to sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your product descriptions and names. And don’t be afraid to share your listings on Facebook and other social sites, as well.

The more you put into your Etsy business, the more you’ll get out of it. So follow these four tips, exercise just a little bit of patience, and you’ll be selling before you know it!

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