We’ve all had bad bosses at one point or another. They act like tyrants or they’re totally disorganized. They’re everybody’s “best friend,” but they can’t seem to get anything done. All in all, whether they’re kind or cold, they make life harder at work.

Fortunately, modern CEOs, executives, and managers have learned a lot about management styles and how best to influence their employees to get the best work from them. As an entrepreneur, you can benefit from learning a few managerial tips and techniques, but you can also learn a lot from bad management tactics and the kinds of things that get supervisors fired. Why? Because they’re the same kinds of things that will drive away good employees and customers, and that’s the last thing you want!


When someone in a position of power doesn’t communicate with their employees, the results are going to be terrible. They will assume that they’ve already given their employees enough information to get the job done when they haven’t given more than a sketchy idea of what needs to happen next. At the same time, employees won’t have any idea why they need to do certain assignments and tasks, and their work will seem pointless. This leads to an overall lack of motivation and a lot of disgruntled employees. It’s not a good scene for any company.


In addition to communicating to employees, a good supervisor must know how to listen to employees, as well. If there’s a problem, your employees may see it before you do. If you’re accustomed to listening to them and working with them to solve issues and challenges, then they’ll come to you and you can work that problem out. If you don’t acknowledge your employees’ concerns and you don’t show that you really listen to them, they may not even bother approaching you to let you know there’s a problem until it’s too late.


If a business is going to grow, it’s going to need to change. Products and services evolve. Organizations need to be restructured. New ideas come along. A supervisor who can’t adapt and evolve with these changes will not last long in the business world—and neither will you if you don’t have some flexibility and the willingness to change for your business.

Supervisors may be in a superior position to their employees, but there are certain traits that always get supervisors fired.


A supervisor should never say the words, “Because I’m the boss,” when an employee questions a task or assignment. This kind of dictatorial attitude may have been common in bygone eras, but it’s on its way out, and for good reason. Supervisors are not parents or dictators. Their word is not law.

Yes, they are in a superior position to their employees, but acting like “Because I said so” is a good response will not motivate employees to do their best work. Instead, the position should be approached from a perspective of service.

As a supervisor or CEO, it’s your job to ensure that your employees are able to effectively do their jobs. If they have questions, answer them honestly, politely, and logically. Don’t be afraid to communicate why their tasks are important to specific projects and to the company in general. It will improve morale, increase motivation, and give you and your employees a better all-around working environment.

Keep these things in mind as you start your next business. If you find yourself falling into any of these traps, pull yourself out immediately and figure out a more positive way to interact with your employees. Good luck!

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