Take a brief minute and consider some of the top brands in the world. Which ones come to mind? Coca-Cola? Walt Disney? Apple? Google? So, what makes these brands stand out from the rest?

Value is why these popular brands are so successful. These brands provide consumers with an extra value, which transforms into the motivation behind those consumers buying or using the products or services. People love these brands because they help achieve goals or benefits, creating a positive emotion in consumers.

Now consider your own brand. When you are creating and developing it, you obviously need to nail down the basics: your brand name, logo, colors, tagline, etc. But, once you get those things narrowed down, then the real fun starts. These tips will help you to further develop your brand into a name that people will love and value.


One thing that is crucial for every brand to know is their voice. Consider your target market and who you are trying to sale your product or service to. Create archetypes to determine who the people are that make up your target market. Decide what they look like, what they care about, where they work, what their hobbies are, and what they want from your brand. Or, if you prefer, you can gather a group of your closest friends to ask them what excites them about your brand. These are all great resources to help you narrow down your brand’s voice.


An online presence is becoming increasingly critical to a brand’s success. Provide extra value to your consumers by creating a blog or website that they can interact with. The use of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are equally as important and will allow your consumers to further connect with you and your brand. Keep in mind that your brand does not have to be perfect for you to start building your online presence. It may takes weeks, months or even years to refine your brand, and that’s OK. Just start!


If you really want your brand to take off, it needs to become a large part of your everyday life. Don’t be afraid to spread the word and tell friends and family about your brand. These people can be your greatest brand advocates when you are just starting out. Keep in mind that your brand should be a reflection of who you are now, not who you are trying to be.


I hate to say it, but the goal to appeal to and please everyone is simply impossible. Instead, learn to create a brand that will appeal to a niche market. These people will love your brand for what it’s worth, and they will appreciate it when you aren’t afraid to be yourself. There is no use in spending time or money trying to appeal to everyone, especially if they aren’t interested in what you have to offer.


Difference is a good thing in relation to branding. Too often we find ourselves caught in the trap that we need to fit a mold in order to be successful. This is not true. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to stop being afraid to leave your comfort zone. Being different will help you stand out from the competition and will make your brand appear creative and trustworthy to consumers. Difference is essentially what creates value.

When it comes to your brand, don’t be afraid to be creative and take a new approach. If you follow these tips, your brand will become valuable to your consumers and they will be able to create that positive connection with your brand – transforming them into powerful brand advocates.

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