Have you ever tried starting a project and 15 minutes later you find yourself browsing your Facebook feed, and before you know it you’ve lost all focus on the task at hand? Let’s face it, getting distracted happens to all of us even when we have the best of intentions. Learning how to keep the distractions to a minimum and staying focused on what’s important is essential for entrepreneurs. If giving in to distractions is a common occurrence for you, then consider these tips to help you stay on track.


You know that never-ending to-do list you created two weeks ago? Take a couple minutes to go through that list and determine what the one or two most important tasks are that you need to complete. Move those to the top of the list and then do them! Go through and prioritize the rest of the list in the same manner. Having a prioritized to-do list will help you remember the urgent items and it will keep you from getting distracted by the less important things.


Whether you work from home or you have an office job, a cluttered workspace full of junk will make it almost impossible to maintain focus. To keep you from getting distracted, remove any unnecessary clutter or things that don’t serve a specific purpose. Doing so will not only simplify your workspace, but will help you stay more attentive on your work.


In this modern age, technology makes it all too easy to lose focus. If you are like any other smartphone, laptop, or tablet user, then every little Facebook notification, text message, and phone vibration is a constant source of distraction to you. How do you keep from getting distracted by a constant stream of notifications and messages? Consider turning off the phone or putting away the laptop (at least disconnecting it from the internet) until you have completed that report that is due tomorrow.


Multitasking is your worst enemy when you are trying to focus. If you are working on one task and then switch to another, you will most likely end up forgetting about the original task you started on in the first place. Stop trying to do multiple things at once and instead work on accomplishing one thing at a time. You will find that you will actually be able to get more done when you aren’t multitasking.


If you are guilty of believing that your life is busy all the time, take a minute to step back and determine if everything you are doing is actually worth spending your time on. It’s easy to deny, but a lot of the things we do during the day are merely pointless time suckers. Avoid the trap of not accomplishing anything at the end of the day by simplifying your life. Freeing up your “busy” life can be as simple as making an effort to check your email less or putting away Twitter. Use that time otherwise spent on technology to focus on the things that are more important. I guarantee that simplifying your life will help you become more productive and you’ll be less distracted by things that don’t matter.
Learning how to stay focused is one of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Try out these tips and watch how they can improve your life.

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