At one point in your life, someone has probably told you that you should learn something new every day. Most people don’t take this advice literally or don’t really pay attention to how powerful it can be. As an entrepreneur, though, you know the power of knowledge, and you’re always on the lookout for new ways to learn things about your industry and other tidbits that could help you achieve more in ways that you haven’t even considered yet.

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you should always be learning, always looking for new answers and solutions, and always taking challenges and obstacles as opportunities to do things differently. These websites are great resources for learning new things of all kinds in your spare time. Just five to ten minutes a day spent on one or more of these sites could inspire your next great business idea and more.


It has a funny name, but MonkeySee is a really cool instructional video sharing site where experts post video tutorials on a wide variety of topics. Whether you want to learn how to decorate a cake, improve your handwriting, make a watermelon soda float, learn to fix something on your car, or just about anything else, you can find a video for it. With numerous categories ranging across interests and industries, and videos with an average length of three to four minutes, you can’t go wrong with spending a few minutes a day learning on MonkeySee.


Both wikiHow and eHow are dedicated to offering a ton of useful how-to content for their readers and viewers. Each site has numerous articles and instructions on making and doing all kinds of things yourself instead of calling a pro. Whether you’re looking for ways to save money by doing your own bookkeeping until you’ve grown your business more, you want some help getting started in a new industry, or you want to learn how to make cool DIY crafts with your kids, you can find all kinds of new things to learn every day on these sites.


Successful entrepreneurs are always learning something new. Try out these 5 websites to help you learn something new everyday.

SparkNotes is an incredibly useful site, and not just for high school and college kids who didn’t have time to read the book before the test. Here, you’ll find summaries of numerous books, so you can get an idea of what you’ll get from a text before you read it. Plus, there are a lot of really great blog posts here about literature and other topics that make learning about this field really fun. And who knows, reading something from SparkNotes might mean that you get the literary reference that your investor throws out instead of letting it fly right over your head. 


Want to brush up on your coding skills? Whether you have some experience with coding or none at all, you can learn Python, PHP, Java, and other languages interactively at Codecademy, and it’s free! This one might take more than five to ten minutes, but it’s a great place for ongoing learning that could set you apart in your industry.

If you’ve been looking for new places to learn something new every day, start with these five websites. They cover a number of different subjects and types of learning, and you can enrich your mind and find new skills that you never thought you’d learn. And you can do most of that with just a few minutes of reading or watching here and there. Have fun visiting these sites every day and you might be surprised at some of the ways you can apply what you learn to your business.

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