By Daymond John

Sometimes, people who are struggling with a new idea or facing failure find themselves wanting to give up. But we all fail sometimes. I have made bad investments on my own. I failed, but I kept going to become what I am today. If you are struggling, there are plenty of stories that prove that if people try hard and believe in their brand, they can succeed. Remember that I did this myself. I was waiting tables at Red Lobster and selling my clothing out of the back of the car long before FUBU became a big success. Here are a few of my favorite stories about other people who have done the same.


Do you know those two names? You probably don’t, but you should. These two men were PhD students attending college at Stanford University when they came up with an idea. They wanted to make a search engine that worked on a different scale from anything else available at that time. The goal of the search engine was to list results based on relevance and not just the number of keywords listed on a page. They called it Google.

It is now the biggest player in the Internet world. After all, when we need to look up something online, we say “Let’s Google it” not “Let’s Yahoo it” or “Let’s Bing it.” In fact, just the search engine section of the Google Corporation has made more than $65 billion in revenue. And, of course, the company has expanded well beyond search engines into many other territories on the web.

Thanks to this little idea, Brin and Page are now worth $60 billion.


Bloomberg was working on Wall Street as a trader back in the 70s. Then he realized something. People needed advice and financial information, and even the biggest companies were willing to pay for it. So he launched his business, which would provide financial information to businesses for a fee.

The Bloomberg Company now has an annual revenue of as much as $8 billion and he himself is worth around $35 billion.

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This is another name that you really should know. Back in the 1990s, Jeff Bezos quit his job to launch his own business. He wanted to sell used books online. At the time, it was a completely new and innovative idea and the online business was still a young world. Bezos started his company and named it Amazon. Soon, the little used-book site turned into a selling powerhouse, offering virtually anything you could possibly want to buy, from books to DVDs to home goods to even groceries. Now Bezos is worth $38 billion and Amazon is worth about $200 billion.

I like reading these stories and I always suggest that other people take a look at them too. These people worked hard, pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, and became billionaires. I don’t care what it is you want to do. If you have the drive and the passion to really dedicate yourself to your choice of product or business, then you have a chance to be successful. A real chance. Remember how I started my own business. Remember how all of these people I have named got started. You can be one of them too. If you are getting frustrated with your efforts so far, keep these stories in mind and keep moving forward towards your goals.

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