Every time a new episode of Shark Tank airs, I think that viewers at home are wondering if the deals made were successful and why the Sharks chose to make those deals. Obviously, some people see the show as entertainment, but others see it as a chance to learn something. What gets attention? What is appealing to the Sharks? Why do some people stand out over others? Whether you already are an entrepreneur or you are thinking about becoming one, it certainly helps to learn more about the deals. So, here are five of Daymond’s top Shark Tank deals for you to consider.


Daymond was fairly young when he started FUBU, so it always impresses him when he finds a young entrepreneur who has the drive and passion to try and get a business off the ground. BeeSweet Lemonade is a good example. Daymond made this deal with a ten-year-old named Mikaila for a business that specializes in lemonade mixed with flavors like iced tea, ginger, mint, and so on. One interesting thing about this business is that a percentage of all profits are given to organizations that are attempting to save honeybees.


This hearkens back to the first season of Shark Tank. Daymond knew the entrepreneurs needed help getting their brand off the ground, so he stepped in. In this case, they needed to make some modifications and work with a manufacturing company. Under Daymond’s guidance, all of this happened and now Power Decals has all of the major sports licenses and products are being sold through the Best Buy chain.


While clothing has always been one of Daymond’s specialties, he can’t say that girl’s clothing was. However, he still made a deal with Cozy Bug in season four because he saw a product that could turn into something, and it has. This has become a very successful retail business.


This is one of my favorite deals. It was a great opportunity for Daymond to get to work with Shane Talbott and Steven Nakisher on this product of lifestyle teas. And it has been extremely successful. Not too long ago, Jamba Juice acquired the brand, making it a lucrative endeavor for everyone involved.


This final product is one that falls into one of my favorite categories: events. Beyond that, it uses technology too. This product ensures that consumers who want to attend events can make early purchases for the tickets as well as for beverages and concessions. It is available for events in both Miami and Las Vegas. Being on the show and making the deal with Daymond has opened many doors for the entrepreneurs. In fact, even well-known names like Pitbull have entered the game and started investing in EzVIP. It really has gained that much attention and is still expanding.

When Daymond makes deals, he looks for winners in the entrepreneurs. He know how to crunch numbers and look for successful products, but the most important part of the formula is the people. If they are winners, and Daymond sees that in them, then he is willing to make the investment. These examples show that. They also show that Daymond’s deals have been very successful. In other words, if Daymond thinks someone is a winner, he is pretty much on point with that. So, learn from these people and it can help you see what you can do to turn yourself and your business idea into a winner too.

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