There are quite a few things that influence people either for the good or the bad. And you actually have the power to choose your influences. When you decide whose influence is important, you can get help from people to follow your vision and succeed in your endeavors. If you need to see how this can actually work, just take a look at Daymond John’s life.


When Daymond was twelve years old, his parents divorced and that was only the beginning of the problems. Many years ago, the neighborhood where Daymond grew up—Hollis in Queens—was beautiful, peaceful, and calm. But by the time he was a teenager, it had become rather crime ridden. It wasn’t a good place for a vulnerable child to grow up.

He could have gone down the wrong path. It has happened to so many others. But Daymond had something on his side—his mother’s influence. He was close with his mother, and he really did not want to let her down. He wanted her to be proud of him. So, Daymond worked hard to be a good person.

But that isn’t where her influence ended. Daymond’s mother always went above and beyond to ensure they were taken care of. It often meant two or three jobs at a time. She was always motivated to take care of him as a single parent. Daymond looked at her, and he saw someone with passion. It is what drove him to succeed, as well.

On top of that, Daymond’s mother was always looking for ways to ensure he was well developed and well educated. She would have Daymond stay with family and close friends so he could see things from a different perspective. She taught him about money and showed him that it was a tool for him to use, but that he should never become a slave to it.

It is Daymond’s mother’s influence that allowed him to become who he is today. Because of her, Daymond was able to follow his dreams and found FUBU.


If you talk to successful businesspeople or those who attempt to guide you, they will often tell you that you need professional mentors and influences. They will tell you to go find someone who has succeeded in your niche and learn from them. There’s really nothing wrong with that, and finding professional advisors is a very good idea. (It is what Daymond often ends up doing for people he invests in on Shark Tank).

But you need personal advisors and influences too. You need those people who know you as a person, not a business. It could be a family member, a close friend, or even someone you have known since childhood. These people will offer you advice just by living their lives. They will give you something to look at as a model for success—just as Daymond’s mother did for him. They become mentors simply because they know you.

Thanks to Daymond’s mother, he has become a success. And, really, he owes so much to her. It was through her that he learned his work ethic and global viewpoints. It was because of her that he didn’t go down the wrong path. I want you to look at the people around you, and even if they have nothing to do with your type of business, realize that they can help you. Always be aware of who can influence you for the better, and look to them when you need advice or just a simple boost to keep going.

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