Finding the perfect business partner isn’t always easy, and making the wrong choice can really come back to bite you. So what exactly is it that you should look for in a partner? Every situation is different, but for the most part you should look for these four things:


Your business is your number one priority because you’re passionate about its success. So what happens when you hire someone who isn’t as enthusiastic as you? Well, things don’t usually work out so well. If your partner isn’t excited to work hard and commit to the business, you’ll end up pulling most of the weight yourself. On the other hand, if you hire someone who is equally as passionate, you two can work together as a team to get twice as much done in half the time.


As important as passion is, it’s useless unless it’s coming from someone you can depend on. The last thing you want to deal with is a partner who doesn’t show up when they say they will or leaves tasks unfinished even when they promised they’d get them done – at that point you’d be better off just running things by yourself! Therefore, you need to try to find a partner you can count on no matter what.


Somewhere down the line, mistakes are probably going to be made. Do you really want a partner who lacks the integrity to come forward and accept blame when they need to? It’s best to find an honest partner who can take responsibility for their actions and also hold themselves (and others) to a high standard. Find a right-hand man or woman who does the right thing – even when no one’s watching.

Ability to Compromise

Regardless of how compatible you and your business partner are, it’s unlikely that you’ll always see eye to eye. Especially when the two of you are in high stress situations and working nonstop, tension and disagreements are inevitable. When this happens, you want someone who is willing to meet you in the middle, not someone with a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. Having a partner who understands the importance of compromise is key to having a successful business.

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