Last month, Daymond John’s Success Formula had the opportunity to partner with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and Blueprint + Co to host an educational workshop for young student entrepreneurs in New York City. Blueprint + Co is a creative open workspace designed by Daymond John for innovative entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators to connect and conduct business.

NFTE works with students enrolled in high-need schools to re-engage them in learning, introduce them to entrepreneurship, and expand their business mindset. Their sole mission is to inspire young people from low-income communities to find success.

The Daymond John’s Success Formula team gave a three-hour presentation to a group of 40 high-school students from NFTE on how to grow their businesses and ideas and improve their entrepreneurial skills. Students received tactical, hands-on training to help them turn their ideas into real, concrete businesses.

“We were all very impressed with the students from NFTE. They were so passionate about their respective businesses and ideas,” said Jill Rasmussen, Entrepreneur Coach with Daymond John’s Success Formula. “We wanted to stress the ‘power of broke,’ and that it doesn’t take a lot to get your business off the ground. They are fully capable of reaching their goals, even if they don’t have many resources available at the start.”

Daymond John’s Success Formula also taught the young entrepreneurs various business practices and how to take advantage of the limited resources available to them. Each student left the workshop armed with actionable next steps and newfound ideas to pursue their business dreams.

“I just want to thank Daymond John’s Success Formula and Blueprint + Co for having NFTE kids here today for this workshop,” said Jennifer Ballesteros, Associate with NFTE. “The kids had an invaluable experience, they came in here and they were able to learn that you can start with very limited resources and go very far.”

Daymond John’s Success Formula is honored to partner with an organization that shares the same dedication to putting people of all ages on their own path to success and looks forward to working with NFTE more in the future.

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