You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and you want to help your kids achieve the most they can, too, right? Well, there’s good news—every child alive is a natural-born entrepreneur. Unfortunately, between school, work, and other experiences, most children grow out of that entrepreneurial way of looking at the world. If you do a few things for your kids now, though, you can help them hang on to their creativity and learn the most important lessons about being successful adults.


First of all, it’s been shown over and over again that kids rise to their parents’ expectations. If you believe that your child can do great things, and you communicate that belief to them, they’re going to rise to the challenge. They might not always reach their goals, but they’ll see that they have your support and they’ll keep working toward them.

Believe it or not, there’s been recent concrete evidence that this is true. According to a study performed by a UCLA professor, for a sample of 6000 kindergarteners, 96% of those whose parents believed they’d go to college performed better in school than kids whose parents didn’t see a college education in their future. So don’t underestimate the power of your dreams for your kids and your belief that they can achieve them.


Helicopter parents are those moms and dads who hover over their kids 24 hours a day, stressing about every little thing, removing every tiny obstacle, and making sure that everything goes exactly right for their children. If you don’t step back, take a breath, and learn to relax, your kid’s going to be a nervous wreck who waits on you to take care of their problems whenever they arise.

You want your kids to be problem solvers who take initiative and get the job done. That means letting them make mistakes and figure things out for themselves sometimes. It means letting them fall down and pick themselves back up on their own. It might be hard at first, but know that it’s really the best thing for your kids if you want them to be successful.


Parents love pointing out their kids’ natural gifts, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But instead of praising your child for what comes naturally to them, focus on praising them for the things they’ve worked the hardest for. This will show them the value of putting effort into their projects and working to achieve their goals instead of relying on their natural gifts to get them through.

If you show them this, you’ll be on your way to raising kids with a great work ethic who understand that if you put in the time and energy, great things happen.


Finally, do everything you can to encourage your kids’ curiosity. If they’re interested in a particular subject, show them that they have numerous means to research it and delve deeper into it. Get involved with pursuing their interests and learning new things with them, and show them that there’s sometimes more than one answer to a question or problem.

Doing this will not only encourage their curiosity, but it’ll also keep their creative juices flowing. Creative and curious kids grow into innovative and driven adults, and they make the very best CEOs and business leaders.

Do these four things for your kids now, and continue focusing on them as your kids get older. You’ll see your kids grow up with the tools they need to succeed in any business.

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