If you know Daymond’s story and you know about his first company, FUBU, then you know he’s always been passionate about music. While hip-hop has always been Daymond’s home, he has a lot of respect for musical legends in other genres who’ve made their names by being completely original and writing their own rules for music, lyrics, branding, and business. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m talking about the late David Bowie.

Like most people, when I found out Mr. Bowie had passed, I was struck. He’d just had a birthday, and he’d just released his latest album. Then we found out he’d been battling cancer for 18 months and he’d been on his deathbed as he put the finishing touches on yet another incredibly high-quality piece of work.

As I processed how I felt about the death of this musical icon who’d been around all my life, I started thinking about how David Bowie branded and rebranded himself over the years. I thought about his work ethic, and I thought about all of the things he did that any young entrepreneur could learn from.

Create a Brand That’s True to You

When Daymond started FUBU, he didn’t think twice about what kind of brand he was creating. He was an urban kid making a line of hats and shirts for other urban kids. Daymond was so much a part of his brand from the beginning that it never occurred to him that he could have done anything else.

As Daymond continues to back other entrepreneurs as an investor, he has kept this in mind. He’s created his personal brand to fit so well with his personality and style that he almost automatically knows which kinds of companies are going to work well with his brand and which ones he should pass on.

Keep Working on Your Personal Brand

When Daymond was broke, working a full-time job at a restaurant and getting a second mortgage on his mom’s house, you definitely wouldn’t have seen him wearing the kinds of clothes he wears today. But when he made his first million, he didn’t run out and buy a whole new wardrobe of suits. Instead, Daymond worked on his personal brand the entire time he was building and growing FUBU, and he’s continued to work on it over the years. Now Daymond has a consistent style, tone, and voice that come together as a recognizable brand that works for him.

Think about all the different looks and styles David Bowie had over the years. While they vary a great deal, they are all indisputably the same man’s brand. They’re all highly recognizable, and they serve to further his exposure and brand recognition. Not only that, but he worked consistently on evolving his style and brand over the years, not just throwing away one look or sound for another. His voice, his face, and his originality come through in all of the things he did throughout his career. Believe it or not, if you’re consistent and you pay attention to your personal branding, you can do the same thing for your business.

I’d call David Bowie’s evolutions and changes acts of strategic differentiation. He kept his brand relevant by never sitting back and saying, “Okay, this is it. This is what I ha
ve created, and this is where I’m going to leave it because it works.” Instead, he continued to grow and change until the very end, and I think you should, too.

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