When Daymond founded FUBU, social media hadn’t even been invented yet. At that point, he relied on a lot of in-person sales, and building his brand meant giving hats and shirts to hip-hop artists and dancers who would wear them on stage where his audience would see them. While that kind of marketing definitely still works, most new entrepreneurs don’t have access to celebrities, musicians, artists, and other people with a lot of pull to get their products out there. But they do have the Internet, and that’s the most powerful marketing tool in the world if you know how to use it.

Thanks to social media, if one of your posts goes viral, you could get exposure to thousands or even millions of new customers overnight. Of course, that’s not how it usually works, but if you’re savvy and consistent, you can go from zero to thousands of followers and new customers in less time than you might think.


First of all, you can’t just publish a single post on Facebook or Twitter and expect it to go viral. And you can’t post every few days or weeks, leaving your accounts sitting idle in between, and expect to get any real traction. Want to know the secret behind every single successful Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account? Consistency. Look at the brands you see with tons of followers.

They post every day, multiple times a day. You might not see a new post from them at exactly the same time every day, but if you watch their patterns, you’ll notice that they are very consistent. In fact, most of them write their posts ahead of time and then use an app to automate them. That way, they get all their posts up each day and week without spending all of their time on social media.


While you should definitely post often and consistently, don’t fall in the spammer trap. Pay attention to the best practices for each of your social media platforms, and you’ll learn how often you can post without looking like a spambot.

While you’re at it, make sure that you’re not just posting advertisements for your products. Along with those, include some cool articles, links, and other content that’s relevant to your audience. The more “shareable” your social media content is, the more people are going to engage with it, and the more people are going to see it.


If you’re going to get the most out of your social media promotions and marketing, you’re going to want to engage with your audience. That means you can’t just automate your posts and say “peace out.” When people comment on your posts, ask you questions, or give you criticism, go ahead and respond (politely and in your brand voice). The more you do that, the more your audience will feel like you care about them and their experience, and you’ll build a much stronger sense of brand loyalty.


Finally, when you’re first getting started, you might not have much of a marketing budget. That’s fine, and you can get a pretty big jump on gaining exposure and growing your brand by following the tips here. However, as your brand and business start to grow, I recommend delegating your social media marketing responsibilities to someone who knows marketing strategies like the back of their hand. Whether you hire someone for in-house work or you contract with a marketer, know when to hand over the reins and give yourself more time to build your business.

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