Have you noticed that when the Sharks make deals on Shark Tank, they often mention that they will be acting as a mentor? That’s for a very good reason. Daymond has a lot of knowledge to offer new entrepreneurs, and he wants to share that business wisdom so they can use it to be more successful. Daymond’s mentorship has helped some of his best deals too, including Christopher Gray, who started Scholly and made a deal with Daymond and Lori Greiner. Daymond also served as a mentor for Moziah Bridges and his company, Mo’s Bows as well as Mikaila Ulmer and her company, BeeSweet Lemonade. Why does Daymond do this? It’s because he believes fully that every entrepreneur needs a mentor, especially when they are just getting started.

For Daymond, he had a couple of mentors like his mother and her boyfriend who ran a store. Daymond knows that having someone offering advice and guidance is vital for any new business owner. And, he hopes that you understand why you need to seek out a mentor too.


With all of that in mind, how do you actually find someone you could learn from? The idea of approaching a mentor can seem frightening and downright overwhelming. That’s okay. With the right plan in mind, you can approach people successfully and find someone who can help you more than you may even realize right now. Before we get down to the actual approaching though, let’s talk about how to find the right person. Here are some things Daymond considers when he is looking for a mentor (that’s right. Daymond still learn from others too.)

Choose the right person, and you have a virtually infinite method to learn and grow.


Like I said, even Daymond need mentors.

Daymond may be very successful, but he looks for advice whenever he can find it. As a new entrepreneur, you also have a great deal to learn. There are so many things you just don’t know yet. So, approach a mentor. Glean their knowledge. Learn as much as you can and then move on to someone else. It’s something you will be doing for the extent of your business life too, just like Daymond.

While you may not be able to get on a show like Shark Tank, that doesn’t mean a mentor is not within reach. It just means you will need to look around, find the right person, and approach them in the right way. No matter what, you have a chance to learn something and no matter what, there is always someone who knows more than you. So, don’t undervalue how powerful a mentor will be for your business.

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